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 Science Lab

The college provides well-equipped science labs for students, supporting a variety of scientific disciplines and research activities. These science labs provide a robust environment for students to engage in hands-on learning, develop practical skills, and conduct meaningful research, enhancing their educational experience and preparing them for future careers. The science laboratory of the college is an initiative to explore the minds of the teacher trainee and inculcate in them the practical aspects of academics to match with the technologies of the present language of education, shortening the gap of learning and providing the means for them to learn how to share, reuse and reproduce new ideas in a co-ordinated and innovative way resulting in a global way of learning science.

 Computer Lab

The college provides computer lab facility which includes the following features and amenities:

1. Workstations:- High-performance computers with up-to-date software and hardware.
- Various operating systems to support diverse needs.
- Monitors, keyboards, mice, and other peripheral devices.

2. Software:- Licensed software for different academic programs (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, programming IDEs, statistical tools).
- Development tools and environments for coding and software development.

3. Internet Access:- High-speed internet connectivity.
- Secure Wi-Fi for students to connect their personal devices.

4. Technical Support:- On-site technical staff to assist with hardware and software issues.
- Help desk for troubleshooting and support.

5. Security:- Surveillance cameras and secure access control.
- Antivirus and anti-malware protection on all systems.

6. Study Spaces:- Quiet areas for individual study.
- Group study rooms equipped with collaborative tools like whiteboards and projectors.

7. Additional Resources:- Tutorial and instructional materials for software and programming languages.
- Workshops and training sessions on various technical skills.

8. Environment:- Adequate lighting and ventilation.
- Comfortable seating and workspace arrangements.

 24/7 Surveillance System

The college provides a comprehensive surveillance system to ensure the safety and security of students, faculty, and facilities. This surveillance system helps maintain a safe and secure environment on campus, deterring potential threats and ensuring quick response to any incidents. Key features of the surveillance system include:

1. Cameras:- High-definition security cameras strategically placed around campus, including classrooms, entrances, hallways, common areas, and parking lots.
- Both indoor and outdoor cameras with night vision capabilities.

2. Monitoring:- Real-time monitoring by campus security personnel.
- Centralized control room for overseeing camera feeds.

3. Access Control:- Secure access control systems at key points such as computer labs, libraries, and dormitories.
- Use of ID cards or biometric systems for controlled access.

4. Recording:- Continuous recording of video footage for review and evidence.
- Secure storage of recorded footage for a specified period.

5. Privacy Measures:- Compliance with privacy regulations to protect the rights of individuals.
- Restricted access to surveillance data to authorized personnel only.

 Pure Drinking Water Facility

Recognizing the vital importance of water for students' well-being, the college has implemented a water treatment system. This measure ensures that students, staff, and visitors have access to top-notch water quality, emphasizing the institution's commitment to their health and convenience.

The college has installed filters at different locations which provides purified drinking water for all.

 Sports and Games

The college offers a variety of games and sports facilities to promote physical fitness, teamwork, and overall well-being among students. These activities are an essential part of campus life, providing opportunities for students to engage in recreational and competitive sports.

*Facilities and Activities:

1. Outdoor Fields: Includes ground for football, cricket, athletics, and more.

2. Gymnasium: A well-equipped gym with modern fitness equipment to support strength training and cardio exercises.

4. Annual Sports Events: The college organizes inter-college and intra-college sports competitions, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie.

5. Clubs and Teams: Various sports clubs and teams allow students to pursue their interests and participate in regular practice sessions and matches.

 Transportation Services

The college provides bus transportation for students in and around Hojai city, ensuring convenient and safe travel to and from the campus. This service helps students who reside in different parts of the city or nearby areas, making the daily commute more manageable and reducing the dependency on personal or public transportation.

The buses operate on multiple routes, covering key areas within Hojai and its surroundings. This accessibility supports punctuality, reduces travel stress, and fosters a sense of community among students. By offering this transportation service, the college demonstrates its commitment to the well-being and convenience of its students, contributing to a positive academic environment.

 Smart Classrooms

Smart classrooms are an integral part of the college's infrastructure, enhancing the learning experience by incorporating advanced technological tools. These classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, high-speed internet, projectors, audio-visual equipment, and LED Smart Boards. The goal is to create an engaging and dynamic learning environment that goes beyond traditional teaching methods.

In smart classrooms, instructors can deliver multimedia presentations, access online resources in real-time, and use interactive software to illustrate complex concepts. Students benefit from interactive learning activities, digital collaboration tools, and instant access to educational content, making lessons more engaging and effective.

The combination of uninterrupted power supply and smart classrooms ensures that both faculty and students can fully utilize these technologies without concerns about power outages, leading to a seamless and enhanced educational experience.

 Uninterrupted Power Supply

The college ensures that students have access to an uninterrupted power supply, which is crucial for maintaining a conducive learning environment. This provision supports various academic activities, such as studying, using electronic devices, accessing online resources, and various other academic works. Reliable power supply also enables students to participate in virtual classes, complete assignments on time, and utilize campus facilities like libraries and computer labs without disruption. The uninterrupted power supply demonstrates the college's commitment to creating a supportive and resourceful academic setting, enhancing the overall educational experience for students.

 Library Facility

The College Library was established in 2014. At present the College Library has a large collection of books as well as audio visual materials, which are as per the latest guidelines of NCTE. It also subscribes to numbers of journals and magazines. Facilities provided by the Library include reading / lending services, reference service. Beside these, it also subscribes to numbers of Assamese and English News Papers. The Library remains open from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm on all working days including Saturdays.