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Today's society is knowledge based society and technology based society. The nations which are rich in knowledge and advanced in technology are going ahead and we are far behind them. As the knowledge and technology are changing every moment, the global society is also changing at the same pace. If we cannot change our society at the same pace we will be lagging behind and it is the teachers who can steer and stimulate the change to move the society ahead as they only produce the human resource to face the challenges of modern times at every front. Unfortunately, we do not have enough trained teachers in our schools to produce human resources who will be ready to face such challenges. At present this is a national issue and the scenario of Northern Eastern Region is worse than that of national scenario.

"Ajmal for Education, Education for All"- with this motto Ajmal Foundation under the aegis of Ajmal CSR organization has established the Teacher Education Institution to produce quality teachers. As Ajmal Foundation dreams to make Hojai a knowledge hub, we also dream to make this budding institution to make a Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education, offering Teacher Education programs at levels which will produce human resources with appropriate attitude, knowledge, skills and values and create research facilities for Teacher Education in particular and Education in general. Thus the institution will not only produce quality teachers, but Teacher Educators, Educational Administrators, Educational Leaders and Researchers in near future.

Dr. Ashis Saha, Ph.D (Geography), M.A (Geography), M.Ed., SET (Geography), PGDHRM, CGISRS