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Welcome To Nazir Ajmal Memorial Library

A library is the heart of any educational institution, and Nazir Ajmal Memorial College's library is no exception. It is the hub of academic activity of the college, comprising the library staff, reading materials, and readers.
Nazir Ajmal Memorial Library is regarded as one of Assam's top college libraries, offering readers excellent services. The library has been intended to complement the knowledge that students learn from their teachers. It is a place of attraction amongst the students.

A total of 10000 plus books are currently in the library's collection, and this number is constantly increasing to meet the needs of the institution. The library is fully automated with Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) KOHA software. One client PCs are dedicated to the OPAC.

NAML Digital Library & OPAC
Library Collections
Summary of library Collections:
Printed Books 10000+
Reference Books 300+
Encyclopedia 100+
CDs & DVDs 20+
Newspaper 2
e-books & e-journals As per N-LIST & NDLI Program